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D.O. - Director/Lead Instructor
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About CPR Brazos Valley
The Mission 

​The mission of CPR Brazos Valley (CPRBV) is to increase Brazos Valley resuscitation rates through education, awareness, and cardiac arrest research. Our mission is accomplished through individual initiatives and strategic partnerships.  

The Instructors 

All CPRBV instructors are off-duty EMS personnel with cardiac arrest experience.  They receive additional education prior to instructing and are held to a higher standard than minimum AHA requirements.  

Why Us?

CPR Instructors are not equally trained.  The truth is that most instructors receive only one day of DVD led training. We do not accept this standard.  

All instructors are required to have experience working a cardiac arrest in the field, must be currently active in EMS, must attend an extensive orientation process on the history of CPR - the future of CPR - and the research behind CPR, and cannot teach solo until training with a senior instructor.  We want you to have the most equipped instructor possible.  Our goal is that you never leave one of our classes with "just a card".  

D.O. is tall and loves teaching CPR.  He is a graduate of Sam Houston State University (BA), serves as a medic in the Army National Guard (SGT), and has worked in EMS since 2007. 

DO has served with CPRBV since 2013.  
CJ Lance has a beard and a paramedic patch.  He serves full time as an EMS Supervisor and is currently a senior instructor.  

CJ has served with CPRBV since 2014.  

Our Team                             
Emily Smith - Instructor/Lead Researcher
Emily is our lead researcher and part-time instructor.  She is a first year medical student at Texas A&M University, graduate of Tulane University (MS), and works locally as a Paramedic.

Emily has served with CPRBV since 2015.